1 Timothy: No Contrary Doctrine
Preached by Rev. M. Jay Bennett 2014

Greeting, Introduction, Initial Exhortation
1:1-11 No Contrary Doctrine (Part 1)
1:12-20 Wage the Good Warfare (Part 1)

Instructions for Men and Women
2:1-8 Instructions for Men
2:9-15 Instructions for Women

Instructions for Overseers and Deacons
3:1-7 Qualifications for Overseers
3:8-13 Qualifications for Deacons
3:14-16 A Pillar and Buttress of Truth
4:1-5 The Threat of Apostasy
4:6-10 A Good Minister of Jesus Christ (Part 1)
4:11-16 A Good Minister of Jesus Christ (Part 2)

Instructions for the Church as a Whole
5:1-16 Instructions for God’s Household (Part 1)
5:17-6:2 Instructions for God’s Household (Part 2)

Final Exhortation
6:3-10 No Contrary Doctrine (Part 2)
6:11-21 Wage the Good Warfare (Part 2)